If at first you don’t succeed

try, try again!

It’s been over a month since I last posted.  I’ve decided to post as much as I can remember but then to actively use twitter, in case it’s only once/month.

Grad school has been crazy and I feel like homework is the only thing I do anymore…but here’s the problem:

It’s the beginning of November.  My 28th birthday is at the end of the month and the holiday season is rapidly approaching.  I’ve gone through countless new years, making resolutions that I can’t keep.  Obviously, it’s not working.  With that in mind, I’ve stolen the idea of “No Excuses November” from this fantastic blog and am going to work to make some healthy habits before the holidays.

Follow me, especially on twitter, while I work on this.  I’ll be focusing on these for the month of November:

1.  Getting to the gym or working out 4+ times/week.  I pay for a gym membership and I love my gym.  I need to quit wasting money and actually use it!  I’ve gone twice so far this week

2.  Go to the gym 15 times this month.  2 down, 13 to go!

3.  Make healthier food choices. ongoing.

Now it’s your turn:

Do you set goals to stay motivated?  What are you working toward right now?


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